WIC is a fully automatic on-line accessible information and control analyzer system designed to measure environmental and process chemistry. It is connectable to every effluent plant, pulp, paper and board mill and oil refinery. Analyzer runs automatically 24 hours a day and each Analyzer can have 1-4 sampling lines. Analyzers are all originally designed for on-line process conditions and basic service is needed only 5 times/year. No other service is needed.

As a result WIC Systems will help you to maintain increasingly profitable input/output balance of your entire production process and to keep up with ever-rising competition!

List of Analysers:

COD (Total) Method is based on ISO 15705 standard. Reaction time could vary from 15 minutes to official standard reaction time (2 hours).
(Total and Dissolved)
Method is based on ISO 6878 standard.
(Total Organic Nitrogen)
Method is based on modified Kjeldahl method and follows ISO standard.
Humic Method is based on colorimetric reaction.
Charge/Turbidity Method is based on photometric backtitration. First available on-line analyser on market, which is capable to measure all charge variations from cationic to anionic without any calibration. Best combination (charge/turbidity) to both measure and control anionic trash.
Aluminium Method is based on complexometric colour reaction. Possible to measure both total and dissolved aluminium concentration. Suitable for all alum users
Starch Method is based on reaction between iodine and starch whereupon formed colour is measured. Analyser gives value of total starch concentration. Specially designed for wet end starch users.
Alkalinity Method is based on photometric titration. Alkalinity is closely related to buffer capasity. Specially designed for sizing agent users.
Manganese Method is based on photometric colourreaction. Application specially designed for pulp mills. Unique way to control chelate dosage.
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